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High-Quality Car Wash in Montreal!

Hand Wash – Interior/Exterior — or Exterior wash only

Our Car wash is conveniently located in Saint-Laurent to offer the best service and quality for all your car needs. We offer a wide variety of services such as car washing, window tinting, paint less dent repairs and car detailing. Come pay us a visit and we guarantee you will leave with a smile. We have expanded our services to offer seasonal services which are tire installation and rustproofing treatment.

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Montreal Car Wash Pricing
CAR WASH PRICING Regular Special Regular Special
Standard car $12 $15 $17 $20
SUV / Mini-van $14 $18 $20 $24
Truck $16 $20 $22 $26
Large Truck $20 $23 $27 $32



Car waxing and polishing
Keep your car looking shiny as time passes, a wax or polish is recommended  to remove all surface contaminants. The wax will also act as a protector for all seasons.
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Our Aquapel glass treatment will greatly improve visibility during rain, snow or even freezing rain. With an advanced formula, Aquapel bonds with glass, leading to an unmatched performance.
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Headlight buffing

Over time, car headlights begin to lose their transparency, resulting in lower light brightness. Our headlight buffing will return the original transparency and it will improve night driving.
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Detailing Packages

Detailing Packages Lave-auto Montréal
Too many choices?
Need all these services?
Not sure where to start?
Choose among our Detailing Packages to find one that suits your needs.
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Interior shampoo

Interior Shampoo
Our shampoo service consists of a thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces. This service is often used to remove stains, spills and calcium deposits on the carpets.

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Clay Bar Treatment

Paint restoring
A clay bar treatment will get rid of all the contaminants that a regular wash cannot remove. To keep contaminants off the paint, a clay bar treatment is recommended annually.
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Leather treatment

Leather Treatment
Leather treatment is used to protect and maintain a car’s leather interior. We use a special protective leather conditioner that prevents damage caused by UV rays.
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Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment
Our ozone treatment is used to remove any unwanted odor. It is commonly used to remove odors caused by smoking cigarettes, animals and even bacteria.

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Tire installation

Install your seasonal tires today

Lave-Auto Thimens Tire-installation

At Lave-Auto Thimens, we offer tire installation and balancing. We are able to provide this service for any type or brand of car. We continuously upgrade our tools and equipment to ensure a high quality job.

We offer this service 7 days a week with or without appointments. If you would like to see our availabilities you can call us at 514-331-6661

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Help keep your car rust-free!

Lave-Auto Thimens Rustproofing

Many people ask, “My car is already showing signs of rust. Do I still need rustproofing?”

The answer is YES! Rustproofing will help prevent the further development of rust, so that your car doesn’t end up getting worse and worse over time.

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Window tinting

Create a cool, custom look for your vehicle

Tinted windows

Come see us and get your windows tinted. We have over 10 years of experience and will make sure your car leaves looking great.

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Windshield repair/replacement

Get it done sooner than later!

Windshield repair/replacement

We replace broken windshields in house, most of the time the repair is done within 1 hour.

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Come visit Lave-auto Thimens Car Wash in Montreal!
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